I am fascinated by the incredible variety of wood that is commercially available in the world today. I am equally excited to be approaching a piece of Cherry from a much loved tree that had to be taken down in our garden, a piece of Bog Oak carbon dated to 3,300 BC, or a large Australian burr that has journeyed half way round the planet to my workshop.

I have been fascinated by wood since I was very young. My Father travelled extensively in his job, and often returned with a piece of woodcraft from far afield. I clearly remember pieces that he brought back from South America, Australia, India, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. I loved the look, the touch and the special smell of these pieces which included boxes, bowls and carvings.
What started as a hobby has become a major part of my life and I have been surprised and delighted by the response to my work. For the last few years I have participated in Marlborough Open Studios and a variety of small, local exhibitions. I really enjoy meeting people who love wood – you can spot them by their need to touch the pieces, which I encourage!

This is my new website, and again I am grateful to Phil at Ash tree design for all his patience and expertise in putting this together. Thank you for visiting.